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Free of Charge Books
In order for you to read the books , you will need to have a copy of adobe reader. If you don't already have a copy of the software please click here to download
Books within "Ath-Thaqafa bil-Majjan" series
(free of charge literary series established and directed since 1991 by Naji Naaman)
Copyright © NajiNaaman - All rights reserved
free and open culture makes peace
Raymond Azar: Sha’irul Majarratidh-Dhaw’iyya
By Dr. Michel Ki'di (Lebanon)
Naji Naaman’s friends, in Arabic
R (in 40 versions).complete literary books.literary and targeted prizes.wednesdays' meetings.other cultural us.
Rassa’ilu Hubb
By bdul-Aziz Amezian (Morocco)
Naji Naaman’s literary prize)
First edition, January 2014
Free of charge literary series, in Arabic