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Free and open culture makes peace, 1969
Culture can’t be purchased or sold, 2004
To give for free is contagious too, 2008
Naji Naaman

* Brief historical overview
Having regard to the fact that Naji Naaman (humanist, writer and culture promoter, nicknamed “the mad about gratis culture” for trying to globalize such culture) is still realizing his childhood dream by distributing (since 1979) his own books for free, and has created in 1991 a series of free of charge books that published hundreds of books in dozens of languages and dialects, and whose authors belong to the four corners of the planet;
Knowing that the aforesaid series and other gratis cultural activities launched by Mr. Naaman (literary prizes on an international level, public kiosks for free of charge books, literary and cultural salon, public library for series and complete works…) cost him all his time and his money, and led him in many occasions to bankruptcy and debt;
Being aware that such activities have exceeded his personal potential;

Naji Naaman found appropriate to establish a non-profit association and a non-governmental organization (Naji Naaman’s Foundation for Gratis Culture - FGC) in order to consolidate his cultural activities, both current and future, and make participate in it women and men everywhere in the world, interested in culture and working in this field, so should be strengthened more and more the continuity and the expansion of free of charge books, in the service of authors, and especially in the service of readers, as well as the continuity and the expansion of all other cultural activities.

* Current gratis cultural activities
* Ath-Thaqfa bil-Majjan (since 1991), series of free of charge literary books, with hundreds of published books in dozens of languages and dialects.
* Naji Naaman’s Literary Prizes (since 2002), opened worldwide, awarded to authors of the most emancipated literary works (in content and style) and aiming to revive and develop human values. The prizes’ annual yearbook is published in dozens of languages and dialects, and laureates may see their works published and distributed within the aforesaid free of charge series.
* Naji Naaman’s Targeted Literary Prizes (since 2007), awarded to Arab authors who must write in four themes: The defense and the advance of Arabic language; human virtues; the consolidation of family ties; moral literature for children. Laureates shall see their works published and distributed within the free of charge series.
* Public kiosks for free of charge books (since 2008), offered to various establishments, mainly pedagogical and cultural institutions, in order to facilitate the distribution of free of charge books to the public.
* Website (, in English, Arabic and French, since 2008), where activities and news are exposed and free books as well as other books may be consulted for free.
* Wednesdays’ Meetings (Naji Naaman’s Literary and Cultural Salon and Writing Workshop, since 2008), held six times each season, and where men and women of achievements are guests of honour. An annual free book shall gether all speeches, discussions and photos.
* Library of Series and Complete Works (since 2008, inaugurated in 2012), aiming to preserve international cultural heritage and offering the same to researchers and students.
* Mitri & Angélique Naaman’s Commemorative Room (inaugurated in 2012), where decorations, manuscripts and other personal things of late Mitri Naaman (1912-1994) and his wife Angélique Bacha (1925-2000) are exhibited to public with no entrance fees.
* The International Day for Gratis Culture (since 2012), celebrated on May, 19 of each year all over the world by the FGC’s ambassadors. Various free of charge cultural activities are given to the public.
* Cultural Tourism (since 2012): The Foundation encourages cultural tourism by receiving different groups in its premises, and by initiating and inciting people to write, publish, maintain libraries and preserve the heritage of outstanding writers, scientists and artists.
* Writers Museum – Fingermarks (since 2013): Writers will have to choose the very best of their writings (in prose or poetry), to write it and sign it, to put their fingermarks on the paper, then to recite it in audiovisual.

Constituent Assembly and Administrative Committee (since 2011): Naji Naaman, President; Michel Ki’di, Vice President; Marcelle Al-Achkar, Executive Secretary; Hanane Naaman, Chief Treasurer and Representative of the Association near the Government; Marwan Naaman, Chief Accountant.
Ambassadors (as from 2011): Several Ambassadors are accredited by the FGC all over the world in order to globalize gratis culture.

* To come into contact:
Naji Naaman’s Foundation for Gratis Culture (FGC)
Jounieh – Main Street (paved street) - Bzommar Center – First floor
P.O. Box 567 – Jounieh (Lebanon)
Telephone & fax: 00961-9-935096
Web site: – E-mail:

* Donation:
* Naji Naaman’s Foundation for Gratis Culture
Bank of Beirut - Ghadir branch - Lebanon
Account Number 1140132723600
IBAN  LB40 0075 0000 0001 1401 3272 3600
* In cash, or by checks to the order of the Foundation or Mr. Naji Naaman
* Via Western Union or Money Gram to the order of Mr. Naji Naaman
Transfer number is to be sent to:

N.B.: By way of thanking, donator will be mentioned, in four languages, as contributor to the publication of at least one title in the free of charge series of books. All donations are to be sent directly to the foundation; receipts will be forwarded to donors to their addresses.
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