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March 29,2013
Seven new Extraordinary Ambassadors for Gratis Culture
Naji Naaman’s Foundation for Gratis Culture (FGC) just appointed the following new seven Extraordinary Ambassadors: Ahmad Al-Alawneh, Jordanian writer and historian; Yusuf Kadel, poet from Mauritius; Halima Malki, Algerian woman writer; Balkis Al-Melhem, Saudi poetess and short-story woman writer; Sabrine As-Sabbagh, Egyptian lawyer and woman writer; Louis Savary, Belgian poet, educator and man of the theater; and Pilar Iglesias de la Torre, Spanish poetess and physician.
FGC is a non-profit association and non-governmental organization aiming to consolidate Naji Naaman’s current and future gratis cultural activities, and to make participate in it women and men everywhere in the world, interested in culture and working in this field, so should be strengthened more and more the continuity and the expansion of free of charge books, in the service of authors, and especially in the service of readers, as well as the continuity and the expansion of other cultural activities (literary prizes on the international level, public kiosks for free of charge books, literary and cultural salons and workshops, public libraries for series and complete works, commemorative rooms, celebration of the international day for gratis culture, developing cultural tourism, free Website…).
March 20,2013
The Iraqi Ambassador at the FGC
Omar Al-Barazanji, Iraqi Ambassador to Lebanon, visited the FGC, and appreciated various gratis cultural activities given by the foundation.
March 2013
Paroles de poètes, poètes sur parole
Jean-Luc Pouliquen and Philippe Tancelin, Naji Naaman’s literary prize (honor prize, 2012), just published their common book entitled «Paroles de poètes, poètes sur parole» (L’Harmattan, Paris).
Paroles de poetes - Feuille de publicite-1-.pdf
February 16,2013
Serge Baril: a new humoristic spectacle
Serge Baril, Naji Naaman’s literary prize (creativity prize, 2009), is launching a new humoristic spectacle entitled «Rire et Guérir!» at the communal center Jacques Charette of Sainte-Ursule in Canada.
February 2013
June 19,2013
Gisèle Bou Simaan Eid signs her book about Walid Gholmieh
At Notre-Dame University of Louwaizé, and by invitation of the university and Maison Naaman pour la Culture, Gisèle Bou Semaan Eid signed her book about the compositor Walid Gholmieh. After speeches given by Suhayl Matar, Warda Zamel, Nour Selman, May Menassa and Nabil Nassif, Naji Naaman gave an honor certificate to the author who thanked the intervening parties, the sponsors and the audience.
May 19,2013
The International Day for Gratis Culture celebrated in Jbeil-Byblos
Naji Naaman’s Foundation for Gratis Culture (FGC), in close cooperation with the Municipal Cultural Centre Jbeil-Byblos (CLAC), just launched the International Day for Gratis Culture by distributing free books to the public in the souk of Byblos.
Reine Howayek, in charge of the cultural centre, declared that launching such event in Byblos is of a great importance, and that it will be celebrated on annual basis, hoping that other cities and Lebanese regions could join this day later. As for Naji Naaman, president of the foundation, he stated that, in this day, several free of charge cultural activities are taking place everywhere in the world, via FCG’s ambassadors, for “culture can’t be purchased or sold”, and knowing that “free and open culture makes peace”.
It is to be notified that a public kiosk for free of charge books was offered by the foundation to the cultural centre of Jbeil, and that citizens will henceforth have the possibility to acquire the very last free of charge publications of the foundation for their own purposes.
Mohamed Rabie and his new book
Mohamed Rabie, Naji Naaman’s literary prize (honor prize, 2009) and Ambassador for Gratis Culture, just published his new book in English: «Saving Capitalism and Democracy».
free and open culture makes peace
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April 17,2013
Naji Naaman launches the «Centenary of the Armenian Genocide»
Naji Naaman is the first to launch the «Centenary of the Armenian Genocide». Books and papers are to be  published and distributed free of charge till April 2015, conferences to be given, and seminars to be held.
News 2013
August 30-31, 2013
Serge Baril and his new play: «Noctambule»
Serge Baril, Canadian playwright, bearer of Naji Naaman’s Literary Prize (creativity prize, 2009), presented his new play entitled “Noctambule” in Louiseville – Quebec (Canada).
August 26, 2013
Munif Mussa in visit to MNAC and FGC
Professor Munif Mussa, academic, poet and writer, visited Maison Naaman pour la Culture and Naji Naaman’s Foundation for Gratis Culture, and offered some 100 books of his own library to the FGC’s Library of series and complete works.
August 1st, 2013
Joe Khoury in visit to MNAC and FGC
Joe Khoury, editor-in-chief of “Future Australia” newspaper and director of “Miss Lebanon Australia” event, visited Maison Naaman pour la Culture and Naji Naaman’s Foundation for Gratis Culture, and discussed with Mr. Naaman issues related to culture and emigration.
September 2013
George Grigore and Bahija Masri Idilbi
George Grigore, Romanian writer and orientalist, bearer of Naji Naaman’s Literary Prize (Honor prize, 2005) and published by MNAC in 2002 (Arabic version of “Tirania Vusului” by Carolina Ilica, FGC’s ambassador), is on the cover of the prestigious Emirati literary magazine “Ar-Rafid”. Bahija Masri Idilbi, Syrian writer, bearer of the same prize (Merit prize, 2004), is the author of “Fi Mi’rabiz-Zat”, a free of charge book distributed with the same issue.
September 18, 2013
Passing away of ‘Atif Al-Fraya
‘Atif Al-Fraya, Jordanian writer living in Sharjah (United Arab Emirates), laureate of Naji Naaman’s Literary Prizes (creativity prize, 2007), passed away. Mr. Al-Fraya was born in 1964.
September 10, 2013
Zafer Al-Hassan in visit to MNAC and FGC
Dr. Zafer Al-Hassan, writer and former ambassador, visited Maison Naaman pour la Culture and Naji Naaman’s Foundation for Gratis Culture, and offered his 10 volumes encyclopedia about the Lebanese Diplomacy to the FGC’s Library of series and complete works.
November 2013
Paintings to Naji Naaman from Camille Daou and Wahib Wehbeh
For Christmas, Naji Naaman received from Camille Daou (painter) and Wahib Wehbeh (writer), both from Palestine, three paintings in order to thank him for his writings and his gratis literary activities.
November 20, 2013
Independence Day
A meeting took place for the Independence Day at the Saint-Paul College (Feytroun) between the students of the secondary classes and former minister Ziad Baroud, Father Nicolas Haddad, Naji Naaman and Michel Ki’di.
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November 14, 2013
Kalimatun minan-Nabdh: Meeting and signing
A meeting as well as a signing took place at the Unesco Palace in Beirut about the last book of Rajeh Na’im, «Kalimatun minan-Nabdh», published by Maison Naaman pour la Culture.
November 14, 2013
Babken Simonyan, new Ambassador for Gratis Culture
Naji Naaman received the Armenian poet Babken Simonyan and appointed him Ambassador for Gratis Culture. Mr. Naaman shall receive Mr. Simonyan again on November 25.
November 4, 2013
Ahmed Alawneh in visit to the FGC
Ahmed Alawneh, Jordanian writer and Ambassador for Gratis Culture visited the FGC. Cultural matters were discussed with Naji Naaman.
October 23, 2013
Closing of Mitri Naaman’s centenary and discussion of two books
On the occasion of the closing of Mitri Naaman’s centenary (1912-1994-2012), discussion of two books took place: Emile Kaba’s (Naqan Yatahayyalu wa-Razaz) and Yussuf Eid’s (Arhalu bil Kalima), both laureates of Mitri Naaman’s Prize for the Defense and the Advance of Arabic Language for 2013 and 2012.
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