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Naji Naaman
(in 40 versions)
These selected pieces are extracted from the following author's writings: “The Letters” (including “Twenty-five Years”, 1979, “My Homeland and You”, 1980, and  many  more  texts  added  in  the  editions  of 1995, 1996  and 1999);  “The Emancipated” (1997), “The Integrated” and “The Memories” (1999); “The Dreamer” (2001); finally “The Alpha-Omega” (2002). Last literary works of the author: “The Pacifist” (2005); “The Killer” (2006); “The Clement” (2008).

All the following translations were offered to the author who is keen to give his sincere thanks to those who helped him in this hard job. New translations offered by the readers shall be highly appreciated and should be published on the web as well as in the new editions of “An-Najiyyat”.
In order for you to read the books , you will need to have a copy of  adobe reader. If you don't already have a copy of the software please click here to download
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