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Free of Charge Books
In order for you to read the books , you will need to have a copy of adobe reader. If you don't already have a copy of the software please click here to download
Books within "Ath-Thaqafa bil-Majjan" series
(free of charge literary series established and directed since 1991 by Naji Naaman)
Copyright © NajiNaaman - All rights reserved
free and open culture makes peace
Les Mots
By Abdelmajid Benjelloun (Morocco)
Naji Naaman’s Literary Prizes (Honor Prize for complete works, 2010)
Free of charge literary series, in French

Lubnan: Majdun wa Tarikh
Lebanon: Glory and History
By Dr. Michel Ki'di (Lebanon)
Mitri Naaman's Prize for the defense and the advance of Arabic language
(within Naji Naaman's Targeted Literary Prizes, 2008)
Free of charge literary series, in Arabic
L (in 40 versions).complete literary books.literary and targeted prizes.wednesdays' meetings.other cultural us.