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“The Mad about Gratis Culture” (Majnunuth-Thaqafa bil-Majjan) is the nickname of Naji Naaman, and he is proud of it. He was fifteen years old when he wrote: “free and open culture makes peace”. Humanist, writer and culture promoter, he is trying to globalize gratis culture. In order to do this, he offers up his work and money, and even gets into debt.
Naji Naaman
Humanist, writer and culture promoter
The editor, writer and publisher
Since he was nine, he wrote, designed and published his first hand-made magazine: Majallatut-Tullab (Students’ Magazine). He typed Arabic texts in Latin characters on the sole old black typewriter that was available for him. The said magazine was published in one issue and… in one copy.
At fourteen years old, he began to write for free in Lebanese newspapers and magazines, before becoming a freelance journalist at ”Al-Jumhur Al-Jadid” magazine: he shall be paid one hundred Lebanese liras that will represent the first fees of his life and the sole he will get from journalism.
As from 1981, he became the editor of periodicals, encyclopedias and specialized volumes.
Since he was twelve, he managed to publish a hand-made story he wrote in Lebanese dialect: Qussat Da’bul (The Story of Da’bul); then a movie story: ‘Amaliyyatud-Dubbis-Saghir (Operation: Little Bear); he also published a story of a friend of his in French: La grande route du soleil.
As from 1979, he became a publisher through Maison Naaman pour la Culture.
At sixteen years old he published his first hand-made thoughts book: Alwan (Collection). In 2002, he participated to a first and last poetry festival, and obtained the International Grand Prize of Poetry (from Romania). In the ceremonial meeting, he repeated what he wrote in 1999:
                                                                                                             “We all have feelings;
                                                                                              Yet, neither one of us is necessarily a poet;
                                                                                          At becoming one, we are merely trying ourselves”.
The Mad about Gratis Culture
Since he was seven, his dream was to write, publish and distribute books for free; and that’s what he did when he published his first printed book “Khams wa ‘Ishrun” in 1979.
In 1991, he established a free of charge literary series of books: Ath-Thaqafa bil-Majjan; but the crash of the BCCI in London left him with only 35 US $ in his pocket. He continued his project, and , in 2002 and 2007, he lauched two series of annual literary prizes.
Nicknamed “The Mad about Gratis Culture”, his madness for gratis culture became bigger and bigger, and he launched many other cultural activities, mainly a literary and cultural salon, a literary workshop, a free library of complete works, and a series of public kiosks for free of charge books.
The humanist
In his first journalistic investigation, he wrote about shoeshine and chewing-gum boys in the streets of Beirut. He was only seventeen when he founded “Al-Harakatul-Insaniyya” (The Humanitarian Movement). In 1976 he is the founder of “Wahdatul-Insanil-'Alamiyya” (The Universal Unity of Man), with  Manshurul-Ansana (The Humanistic Manifest) as guide. In 1991, he is a founding member of Al-Yanbu' (Charity Association).
Human condition is almost present in all his writings.
Some of his thoughts
Free and open culture makes peace.
the mad about gratis culture
the first gratis culture web

Compassion is to remember the slightest harm committed to others,
And to forget the worst of all harms suffered from by others.

We all have feelings;
Yet, neither one of us is necessarily a poet;
At becoming one, we are merely trying ourselves

Culture can’t be purchased or sold.

To give for free is contagious too.
Copyright © NajiNaaman - All rights reserved
free and open culture makes peace
FGC Anthem

No one knows me as much as I know myself;

Nevertheless, I hardly know myself.



Every one is a prophet;

Within him life begin, within him life ends.



Homeland is the parcel of land where we can live our freedom;

It might be so large, including the universe,

Or so small, limited to our imagination.



If we adopt:

From Polytheism the respect of the land and the ancestors,

From the religions of the Far-East spiritualism,

From Judaism perspective and constancy,

From Islam the warmth of faith,

From Laicism understanding and openness,

And from Humanism the unitary step,

We would be the happiest of all men.



It is useless to revert to the saber,

Once the plume is defeated.


الاحتفاء بستين ناجي نعمان

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